What is the best solar light battery?

What is the best solar light battery

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In recent years, due to the advantages of green energy, easy transportation, easy installation and so on, solar light are used more and more, including city areas, remote areas and so on. How to choose the right solar light battery is very important. Seipro Light has more than 10 years’ experience on solar light, and would like to share following analysis with you:

1. Gel battery

gel battery -Solar Light battery

It is suitable for split solar street lights. The early split solar street lights are mostly composed of solar panels + GEL batteries + lamp fixtures. The solar panel needs to be fixed on bracket, and the GEL battery needs to be packed in the battery box, and put underground or fixed on the light pole. The lamp fixture requires a certain length of wiring to connect the battery. It is inconvenient on transportation, installation and so on.

2. Lithium battery

lithium battery

Now, more and more solar street lights use lithium battery box technology, that’s lithium battery and controller packed in a box, which is mostly fixed on the back of solar panel. And some are placed inside the lamp fixture.

Lithium battery pack commonly use batteries of 18650, 26650 and 32650. 18650 is usually a ternary lithium battery, no matter the lifespan and cost performance are not high. Currently, the commonly used LiFePO4 battery specifications are 26650 and 32650. 26650 means diameter D=26mm, length L=65mm; 32650 means diameter D=32mm, length L=65mm. Due to cell size limitations, the battery capacity of the 26650 is not as high as that of the 32650, and the number of batteries using the 32650 to achieve the same configuration is less than that of the 26650.

In a word, the battery of solar lights should be configured according to the requirements of the lighting project. Of course, the cost should be considered as well.

LifePO4 batteries are more and more popular in the market and it is a trend now. The cost of solar street lights will be lower and lower, but the quality depends on the manufacturer’s quality control level and raw materials used.

SEIPRO Light as a professional manufacturer with more than 10 years’ experience, only uses high-quality raw material, and the quality gets a thumbs up from a lot of customers.  


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