UCT2 Series LED Tri-proof Light

Key Features:

  • High bright Bridgelux LED and Osram driver, >140LM/W.
  • Uvioresistant and anti-yellowish PC housing used, high light transmittance.
  • Aluminum heat sink inside, great heat dissipation.
  • Power adjustable and CCT adjustable for your different requirement.
  • Linkable, screw free and easy to operate.


LED Chip BrandBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgelux
Power Driver BrandOsram/Philips/LifudOsram/Philips/LifudOsram/Philips/LifudOsram/Philips/LifudOsram/Philips/Lifud
Color Temperature2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K
Color-rendering Index>80>80>80>80>80
Beam Angle120°120°120°120°120°
Input VoltageAC 220-240VAC 220-240VAC 220-240VAC 220-240VAC 220-240V
Power Factor>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95
Luminous Efficiency>140LM/W>140LM/W>140LM/W>140LM/W>140LM/W
Initial Flux>2, 800Lm>4, 200Lm>5, 600Lm>6, 300Lm>8, 400Lm
Working Environment-30℃~+50℃-20℃~+40℃-20℃~+40℃-20℃~+40℃-20℃~+40℃
Life Span>50, 000Hrs>50, 000Hrs>50, 000Hrs>50, 000Hrs>50, 000Hrs
IP RatingIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
IK RatingIK08IK08IK08IK08IK08
Fixture Dimension659*74*64MM1221*74*64MM1221*74*64MM1502*74*64MM1502*74*64MM
MaterialAluminum Alloy & PCAluminum & PCAluminum & PCAluminum & PCAluminum & PC
Model No.PowerLED Chip Brand
Power Driver BrandOsram/Philips/Lifud
Color Temperature2700-6500K
Color-rendering Index>80
Beam Angle120°
Input VoltageAC 220-240V
Power Factor>0.95
Luminous Efficiency>140LM/W
Working Environment-20℃~+40℃
Life Span>50, 000Hrs
IP RatingIP65
IK RatingIK08
MaterialAluminum & PC
UCT2 LED Tri-proof Light details -LED Tri-proof Lights

PC Housing & Aluminum Heat Sink Inside

Excellent on uvioresistant, high light transmittance and excellent heat dissipation

Screw Free, Easy to Install

With screw-free lock buckles on each end, it can be open very easily

3 Core & 5 Core are Both Available

With terminal inside, 3 core or 5 core terminal is easy to rewire inside.

3 Core

5 Core

Power Adjustable & CCT Adjustable

Power Adjustable and CCT Adjustable

The DIP switch on each end of end cap. It can be used to adjust the power and color temperature according to your requirement.

UCT2 Series LED Tri-proof Light with motion sensor -UCT2 Series LED Tri-proof Lights

Micro-wave Sensor and Remote Control Optional

With built-in micro-wave sensor optional. In addition, remote control is optional for reseting working modes.

UCT2 Series LED Tri-proof Light with emergency battery -UCT2 Series LED Tri-proof Lights

Emergency Version Available

We have it with emergency battery. The emergency power is 10%, and the emergency time is 3 hours.

Linkable LED Tri-proof Light

Linkable, easy to link in series, loading capacity is up to 1, 440w.

UCT2 Series Light distribution curve -LED Tri-proof Light


Light Distribution Curve

Product Size

UCT2 Series LED Tri-proof Light dimmension

IES & LDT Files

HD Pictures

UCT2 Series LED Tri-proof Light
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