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Seven Key Issues of Solar Lighting Project

Key Issues of Solar Lighting Project -Solar LED Street Light

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When install a street light with city electric supply, people do not need to concern about whether it with enough bright and how long it can last work each night. Because you have had ideas about the wattage, brightness before installation. Then digging trenches, snaking wires, connecting to city electric supply. At last, switching on and the light starts working.

Install a street light with city electric supply -LED Street Light

But, if you do not want to dig trenches, snake wires, solar LED street light is a good choice. With the modern technology, solar LED street light can reach the same lighting effect as LED street light with city electric supply.

In this article, we will share with you about seven key issues of solar lighting project before installation:

1. The location of the solar LED street light project

Location of the solar LED street light project -Solar LED Street Light

It is best to know the exact location of the project, and take it into consideration. As known, different areas with different sunshine. And if the street with high trees, tall building or others will block out the sunlight.

2. The application requirement

What areas to light up? Different streets require different lighting output standard.

Why? Different areas require different pole height, pole distance, illumination standards and so on. Such as, the main streets require greater brightness than sideway & parkway.

Different application requirement -Solar LED Street Light

3. The dimension of the project

What is the length of the street or dimension of the project area?

Dimension of the project -Solar LED Street Light

The dimension or size will affect the needed quantity of Solar LED street light, and the lighting uniformity level will affect the project cost.

4. What’s the pole height and which pole type needed?

Why? The pole height will affect the needed light quantity. And the pole type will affect the installation cost.

Pole height of Solar LED Street Light -Solar LED Street Light

5. What’s the light levels?

What’s the light levels on the ground and if there is any standard required? These will affect the project cost a lot.

Light levels on the ground -Solar LED Street Light

6. How many working hours and the output at night?

Solar LED street light working hours at night -Solar LED Street Light
  • Whole night work with 100% power.
  • After dark, the first 5 hours work with 100% power. Then 5 hours work with 30% power. Finally, work with 100% power until dawn.
  • Work with 100% power till 11:00 PM, and then turnoff automatically.
  • Work with 100% power till 11:00 PM. Then work with 100% power when detect motion and turnoff when detect no motion.

All these can be customized according to the projects.

7. What color temperature needed?

Color Temperature -Solar LED Street Light

There are different kinds of color temperature. Different clients prefer different color temperature. Usually, urban lighting tends to use higher color temperature.

Final words

To do a project requires rigorous preliminary study & design. Because of the large amount of money involved, it is necessary to formulate scientific technical standards when setting up a project in the early stage.


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