LED Stadium Flood Light

LED Stadium Flood Light is used more and more in the sports stadium, including football stadium, basketball stadium, tennis court, baseball stadium, horse riding stadium and so on. LED Stadium Flood Light with high power, high energy efficiency and anti glaring design are used more and more on the professional stadiums. It is much better than conventional stadium flood light.

Seipro Light with more than 10 years’ experience on LED Stadium Flood Lighting. We have a lot of stadium lighting projects around the world. If you have any requirement about the LED Stadium Flood Light, sure that we can give you idea solution.

Best-selling LED Stadium Flood Light for You


LED Stadium Flood Light with top brands LED -LED Stadium Flood Light

Top Brands LED Chip

We only use TOP brands LED chip. High brightness and long lasting.

Top Brands Power Driver

We only use TOP brands Power Driver. High efficiency and stable working.

5 Years' Warranty

All our LED Stadium Flood Light with 5 years’ warranty. If you want longer warranty time, please l et us know.

Sports Field Lighting Standard

LevelApplicationsLuminance standard
Training and entertainment activities200lux
Amateur competition professional training300lux
Professional competition500lux
TV broadcasting significant or international competition1000lux
HDTV broadcasting significant or international competition1200-1400lux

Free and Quick Dialux Simulation Service

Maybe you have some stadium lighting projects, but you do not know how many pieces LED Stadium Flood Lights to use. No need to worry about it.

We have professional Dialux engineer teams to provide quick Dialux simulation for you. We will tell you how many LED Stadium Flood Lights to use, and tell you the pole height, uniformity and so on.

In addition, we will check the best price and delivery time for you.

Below you can see some our Dialux simulation for clients, including football field, basketball field, tennis court, baseball field, horse-ridding field and so on.

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