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How to choose the right LED Street Light?

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Now, LED Street Lights are used more and more in the outdoor areas, including street, parking lot, high way and so on. The right LED Street Lights make the city more beautiful, and also make the urban areas more safe at night. It is very important to choose the right LED Street Light.

Today, let’s share with you how to choose the right LED Street Light.

1. Heat dissipation

The heat dissipation is extremely important for the lifespan. All LED Street Lights from SEIPRO Light use high efficiency aluminum alloy to ensure excellent heat dissipation and low lumen depreciation.

2. LED chip

LED Chip-LED Street Lights

Quality LED chip with long lifespan, low lumen depreciation and so on. SEIPRO LED Street Light only use top brand LED chip, such as CREE, Philips, Bridgelux, Osram and so on.

3. Luminous efficiency

Luminous efficiency -LED Street Light

Luminous efficiency is the index of the lamp’s efficiency. It means how many lumens per watts produced by the lamp. It is affected by many factors, including the LED chip efficiency, lens, reflector and so on.

For the development of LED technology, the whole lamp luminous efficiency can be reached to 210LM/w now. Of course, the higher lamp luminous efficiency with higher cost. Most LED street light used now with 130-150LM/W.

4. Power driver

Power Driver -LED Street Light

Power driver is a very important parts accessory of the LED Street Light. Good driver makes the LED Street Light works in higher efficiency, more stable and longer lifespan. SEIPRO LED Street Lights only use quality power driver, including Meanwell, Philips, Moso, Sosen, Inventronics, Osram and so on. Although top brand power driver with higher cost, it saves more money and energy in the long run.

5. SPD protection

SPD protection -LED Street Light

LED Street Light used in outdoor areas. The protection to resist surge and thunder should be considered. Usually 10KV/20KV SPD protection will be better.

6. Color Temperature

Color Temperature -LED Street Light

Color temperature is an index to describe the light color provided by a LED lighting. In the market, LED Street Light with color temperature from 1000-1000K.

Usually, different countries prefer different color temperature. We can produce the LED Street Light with your required LED Street Light.

In SEIPRO Light, we have various types LED Street Light as follow:

Various LED Street Light

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  1. This article on choosing the right LED street light is relevant to readers interested in optimizing energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions for their communities or businesses.

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