How to choose a good quality LED street light?

How to choose a good quality LED street light -LED Street Light

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As you can see from below image, much light of the HPS light is wasted and produces light pollution to surrounding environment. It is not good for drivers and pedestrians. But as we can see, the LED street light with most light directed to the road, and very few lights to the sky and other areas.

HPS Light & LED Street Light -LED Street Lights

Now, more and more HPS lights are replaced with LED street lights. So, how to choose a good quality LED street light?

1. The luminous efficiency

HPS lights with luminous efficiency of about 100LM/W. The LED lighting technology is improved a lot in the past years, which can reach to 130-170LM/W. With higher luminous efficiency, the LED street light will be needed in lower watts. It helps to save energy consumption.

High Bright LED Chip -LED Street Light

2. Certification & after-sale service of the LED street light manufacturer

Another important criterion for purchasing LED street lights is the manufacturer’s certification & after-sale service, which concern the product quality a lot. It is important to choose the LED Street Light from good qualification manufacturers.

Certification & after-sale service -LED Street Light

3. Heat dissipation of housing

The heat dissipation capacity of LED street lights is closely related to its lifespan. When with good heat dissipation, the lumen depreciation will be less as well. It is important to check the heat dissipation capacity of LED street light, and anti-acid corrosion & weather resistance as well.

LED Street Light Heat Dissipation -LED Street Lights

4. Final words

As you can see from everything that we covered, the key to choose a good quality LED street light is checking the luminous efficiency, certification & after-sale service, heat dissipation and so on.


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