BES3 Series Solar LED Street Light

Key Features:

  • Special design with wide solar panel to get more sun power.
  • Intelligent charge and discharge management system, safe working.
  • Integrated design, very easy to install.
  • Wide beam angle to cover big area with shorter pole.
  • Class A LifePO4 battery, 2, 000 cycle life times.


MONO Solar Panel18V50W18V65W18V70W18V80W18V100W18V130W18V140W
Light SourceSMD3030 LEDSMD3030 LEDSMD3030 LEDSMD3030 LEDSMD3030 LEDSMD3030 LEDSMD3030 LED
LED Chip BrandBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgelux
Luminous Efficiency>150LM/W>150LM/W>150LM/W>150LM/W>150LM/W>150LM/W>150LM/W
Initial Flux>7, 500lm>9, 000lm>12, 000lm>15, 000lm>18, 000lm>22, 500lm>27, 000lm
LED Chip Life Time100, 000Hours100, 000Hours100, 000Hours100, 000Hours100, 000Hours100, 000Hours100, 000Hours
Beam Angle140*70°140*70°140*70°140*70°140*70°140*70°140*70°
LifePO4 Battery12.8V 27AH12.8V 28AH12.8V 36AH12.8V 42AH12.8V 57AH12.8V 63AH12.8V 72AH
Charge Time6Hours6Hours6Hours6Hours6Hours6Hours6Hours
Working Temperature-25°C~+65°C-25°C~+65°C-25°C~+65°C-25°C~+65°C-25°C~+65°C-25°C~+65°C-25°C~+65°C
Color Temperature2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K2700-6500K
Mounting Height5-7m6-8m7-8m7-9m7-9m7-10m7-12m
Space Between Light20-24m23-27m23-31m23-32m23-34m25-30m27-40m
Remote ControlYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
SensorDaylight Sensor+Motion Sensor
Lighting Mode4 Lighting modes available to be set by remote control, and can be customized as clients want.
IP RatingIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
Installation PoleΦ60-65mmΦ60-65mmΦ60-65mmΦ60-65mmΦ70-76mmΦ70-76mmΦ70-76mm
Rainy/Cloudy Days5-7 Days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days
Fixture Dimension820*385*180mm960*385*180mm1190*385*180mm1190*385*180mm1630*385*55mm1950*385*55mm1950*385*55mm
Lamp MaterialAluminum Alloy(Anodic oxidation process, anticorrosive, antirusting)
Model No.PowerMONO Solar PanelLifePO4 Battery
SP-AIO50W-BES350W18V50W12.8V 27AH
SP-AIO60W-BES360W18V65W12.8V 28AH
SP-AIO80W-BES380W18V70W12.8V 36AH
SP-AIO100W-BES3100W18V80W12.8V 42AH
SP-AIO120W-BES3120W18V100W12.8V 57AH
SP-AIO150W-BES3150W18V130W12.8V 63AH
SP-AIO180W-BES3180W18V140W12.8V 72AH
Light SourceSMD3030 LEDWorking Temperature-25°C~+65°C
LED Chip BrandBridgeluxColor Temperature2700-6500K
Luminous Efficiency>150LM/WRemote ControlYes
LED Chip Life Time100, 000HoursSensorDaylight Sensor + Microwave Motion Sensor
Beam Angle140*70°IP RatingIP65
Charge Time6HoursLamp MaterialAluminum Alloy
Model No.MONO Solar PanelLifePO4 Battery
SP-AIO50W-BES318V50W12.8V 27AH
SP-AIO60W-BES318V65W12.8V 28AH
SP-AIO80W-BES318V70W12.8V 36AH
SP-AIO100W-BES318V80W12.8V 42AH
SP-AIO120W-BES318V100W12.8V 57AH
SP-AIO150W-BES318V130W12.8V 63AH
SP-AIO180W-BES318V140W12.8V 72AH
Light Source SMD3030 LED
LED Chip Brand Bridgelux
Luminous Efficiency >150LM/W
LED Chip Life Time 100, 000Hours
Beam Angle 140*70°
Charge Time 6Hours
Working Temperature -25°C~+65°C
Color Temperature 2700-6500K
Remote Control Yes
Sensor Daylight Sensor + Microwave Motion Sensor
IP Rating IP65
Lamp Material Aluminum Alloy
Solar LED Street Light Detail -Solar LED Street Light

Imported Bridgelux LED Chip, High Brightness

Energy-saving and cost effective

High Efficiency Mono Solar Panel

Solar LED Street Light with status indicator -Solar LED Street Lights

Indicator Lights Showing the Working Status

Product Size

Solar LED Street Light product size -Solar LED Street Light

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